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14 Ways To Maintain Your Drainage System And Keep It Blockage Free

Having A Blocked Drainage System At Unexpected Times Is An Awful Thing To Deal With. A clogged drain could lead to several hazards such as flooding, leakage, air pollution due to stagnant water in the drain and may even put your health at risk. However, regular maintenance can help avoid these problems.

A build - up of debris such as cooking oil, fruit seeds, grain, or intrusive mature tree roots can cause your drains to clog. While your house pipes may not be blocked, this is not indicative that a bigger clog is not happening in a different line. There

With These Fourteen Maintenance Tips, You Can Prevent Our Drainage System From Getting Clogged Up

1. Use a plunger to remove minor clogs quickly and easily.

2. Once or twice every week, raise up the stoppers in your bathtub and clear out whatever debris is in the drain. Before you put the stopper back in its place, make sure it's well cleaned.

3. To Trap Hair That Falls Off While Bathing Or Washing, Place A Mesh Barrier On Your Sink And Bath Plugs To Trap The Hair. Just like you don't let food particles go down the kitchen drain, you shouldn't let your hair get into, and clog, the bath drain.

4. Brush your hair before showering or bathing to collect loose hair on your brush instead of in your drain.

5. Get a plumber to professionally install covers or debris catchers over your drains. Buy Anti - Bacteria Drain Cleaners That Won't Cause Corrosion.

6. Avoid growing a tree or flowers near the pipework of your drainage system to minimise clogging due to root intrusion.

7. Benefit from periodic servicing and inspections done by a drainage company even if you don't call them and you can do this by going into a contract with them yearly. Drainage East Riding of Yorkshire is a fine example of companies that offer this service in East Riding of Yorkshire. Discuss as a family the importance of maintaining clean drains throughout the home.

8. Don't use chemical cleaners Since they are corrosive, they will gradually eat away at your pipes.

9. Do Not Throw Rubbish In Your Drains. Don't treat it like a dustbin.

10. Avoid letting the following substances go into the drain grease, oil, fat, coffee, meat, rice, gum, hair, condoms, medication, cosmetics and similar items.

11. In short, the only thing that you are supposed to allow down your sink drain is water For your toilet; water, urine and faeces.

12. As A Practical Technique; Use A Straightened Wire Coat Hanger With A Hooked End, And Slide It Into The Drain Hole. extract Debris And Similar Blockages From Your Drains.

13. Keep grease from building up in your drain by regularly pouring hot saltwater through your sink.

14. This is not a comprehensive list, as there are many other things you can do to maintain your drainage system. Make sure you don't use acidic chemicals

If you are still encountering drainage issues after you practice these tips and don not have access to a drainage company, do not worry about it. Instead, get in touch with a qualified plumber quickly. Drainage East Riding of Yorkshire professional staff in East Riding of Yorkshire are fully equipped to handle all your drainage issues.